So today I’m not feeling magical.

No deep shiny words and well placed alliteration.

Today I am just Meh.
Meh is me.

If life could draw me right now,
I’m in my one favourite hoodie with no bra and my lazy day panties.

I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,
And I somehow finished this pack of doritos I just opened two minutes ago.
[They must have been stingy when they packaged it, no way I just chewed my way through all of that]

I have crumbs dancing all over my boobs and some are falling from my chin.
And my stomach is at that level where I cant suck it in anymore .

I think I also just woke up from a random nap as a result of my Doritos induced itis.

Meh me is me today.

I have also been binge watching the Kardashians.
I hate them but I can’t stop watching it,
So I hate myself for it.

(I just burped).


Its raining outside so I feel like my Meh-ness is justified.

Also I think I just woke up another coma,
Only now its six a.m. and I have to brush my teeth for the office.

Still a black girls story. Just a little less romantic.
                                    -Nonjabulo Kandawire 


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