I felt myself.

Disentangle my coils, laying down these locks.

I saw myself.
Adorned in white, peaks of brown peeking through my chest.

By toe, by knee, by all my skin
Submerged into the blue.

I filled my lungs with a store of air and felt my being float.

Liquid rushing into my ears and the crevices of my flesh.


A baptism.

One of coming into myself.

Where my hair no longer ran from the waters but soaked it up at the roots.

Where my skin, no longer scared of the feeling warmed up to the waves.

I heard Her, the Mother, singing to my soul.
Bathing in me in ancient secrets I was only beginning to unfold.

Washed away all the self-doubt and apologies I used to hold.
Forgave myself and those I loved and lost.
Cleansing myself of the scars.

I saw myself: Real.
I heard myself: True.

Felt my heart beat with the answers I sought in foreign seas.


                                   -Nonjabulo Kandawire 


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